The Graduate

To all my friends who have graduated earlier this year, and just today, congratulations! You’ll rule the world. I know it! I wish all of you the best of luck!

I know it’s not mandatory to give gifts for graduation because it’s your own achievement to have graduated to begin with. Or so they say. Among the countless things that all people all over the world had wanted, want and will want as graduation gifts, the one thing I would really want would be a car.

This was a clip from the movie!

This was a clip from the movie!

Not just any car, the YJ Jeep. I’ve always liked the YJ Jeep ever since I watched Clueless. It was the car that Cher was driving. This is my dream car for my 20s. I’d totally love this car. I’m a girl and some people, I’m not saying all, find it weird that I love cars. I really appreciate the beauty and artistry a car presents, on or off the road. There are a lot of other cars that I would like to have a few years down the line but for now, I’ll be happy with a YJ Jeep.

For all of my friends who got cars when the stepped into college or got one because they finally stepped off,
congratulations and stay safe!

Love Always,