Reboot my life!

Hey everyone! I have been away for awhile now and mostly for personal reasons. I have been thinking things over in my life and I was wondering what I should do and where I should go. The Where I should go part is something that I have not figured out mostly because I’m still in university and I’m still studying. I have a year left and so I decided to make some decisions on the small things in my life. For one, I have finally decided to continue and see my studies through. It’s been a tough past year and a horrible first half of 2013. But I will get up and venture on. I will finish this! Second, I have decided to dedicate more time to blogging and I will start vlogging soon. I will be doing this with my best friend which would be fun but I will also try to have a personal daily vlog of my life up there. As soon as I get that up and running and I start figuring out what I will be vlogging about, I will post the link in one of my future posts to direct you there. Now that I think about it, aside from my daily life, I would probably blog about makeup, makeup reviews and makeup routines. Also, games, literature and other things that actually tickle my fancy!

Anyway, that’s it for now!

Love Always,

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So my 21st birthday is in 4 months so i’m absolutely excited to have it because I don’t really celebrate birthdays unless they’re the big ones. I didn’t want to have a really big birthday so I’m just having a dinner with my friends 🙂

What I really wanted to do is to have it Marie Antoinette style. So I want my friends to be a little bit more dressed up than the usual top with denim shorts. I’ll document everything for my benefit and yours!

This is just a small entry since I’m quite busy with school. Finals are just around the corner and I’ve been busy this past trimester. Hopefully, I’d be more free the next term 🙂

Well, that’s it for now!

Love Always,


Top Ten Tuesdays

I’ll be listing down things that are “top ten” enough for me for this and the past weeks.

Cheesecakes- I love cheesecakes! There is just something about them that isn’t entirely too sweet because it has cheese but it’s also not savory because.. well it’s not. There are amazing Cheesecake places here in Manila and you can click here to see the list made by spot.ph

Lemon Chicken- I ADORE lemon chicken! It’s my favorite Chinese food and that’s saying a lot considering how much I love Chinese food. It’s tang and savory! I absolutely love it. I can actually say I need my lemon chicken fix every week. Usually I get it on Wednesdays because I get out early from school and my dad takes me out for lunch. This lemon chicken is from Yummy magazine but here’s the online recipe for your reference! The way did it in Yummy is (I think) the usual way Chinese restaurants do it, like Chicken and glaze are cooked separately.

Brewed Iced Tea– my auntie makes the best brewed iced tea. I was happy to learn that it wasn’t the fake calorie packed kind that you find in packets. It’s the kind where you actually brew it and add lemon and a bit of honey. I am such a fan of that. Which reminds me, I need to ask for the recipe.

90s Sitcoms– I am a total 90s kid. I was born in 92 so I grew up watching all the 90s shows like FRIENDS (even if I was like… what, 7?), All That in Nickelodeon, Figure It Out, Kenan and Kel and other stuff. I love it! I have that complex where I judge the new generation that worship the new Disney and the new Nick. I feel kinda sad for them too, I mean the 90s shows were WAAAAY better.

Free-cut Classes- I love it when my last classes are cancelled especially during my long days in school. I just love it. ‘Nuff said.

Walking Around- In my place it’s easy to walk around because everything is so near each other. That’s something that I really enjoy about this place. Plus, with my student allowance there’s a lemon chicken place that my driver can drop me by just so I can eat. I introduced that place to my bro and he loved it because his favorite Chinese food , Salt and Pepper Squid is there too for an affordable price.

Last Minute Lunch Plans and Friends- I love having lunch with my friends and I love having lunch with them. To me, lunch is the meal that you don’t really want to take because it’s like pretend dinner. I mean dinner is the meal where you can get steaks, chicken and really yummy meals and breakfast is like a whole ‘nother level of goodness but lunch is like imitation dinner. That’s why I love having lunch with my friends because they make that tedious lunch time into a fun non-boring experience.

Cupcakes- If you live in the Philippines, especially Manila, you would know about this little place in Serendra called Cupcakes by Sonja. I love it. It’s a small little place that specializes on cupcakes. You see in the Philippines it was the first place to actually specialize on cupcakes. They have so many varieties of cupcakes and they don’t mass produce it, they make it in small batches so if you go there late in the evening looking for a Red Velvet Cupcake chances are they are already sold out. Their red velvet cupcake is one of their best sellers. I prefer the Vanilla Sunshine, Vanilla Chocolate, Chocolate Surprise and Lemon Drop. I love those flavors. The Vanilla Sunshine and Vanilla Chocolate have a vanilla cake and a buttercream frosting for the Sunshine and a chocolate buttercream for the Chocolate. The Chocolate Surprise has chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and their Lemon Drop (one of my personal personal faves that aren’t classics) has a vanilla cake with a lemon buttercream frosting. They use top-notch ingredients and my little girl wish is to have a cupcake store in my future house (ala Richie Rich).

Long Hair- I’ve been growing out my hair (or at least trying to without having the urge to cut it). I love long hair. I want long layered hair. I feel like I can do so much with my long hair.


That’s it. I’ll see you next time!

Love Always,


Manic Mondays

So it’s the start of the week and something that really stresses us out all the time is what to wear and what to bring. It’s Monday and usually, you were up really late ’cause it still felt like the weekend and you slept late because you were cramming a paper or homework that you put off ’til yesterday. Anyway you wanna put it, at one point or another you have been stressed out because it was the start of the week and you weren’t prepared.

When it comes to what to bring (let’s tackle the easiest topic first) it’s best to always have the bag prepared. Chances are, you haven’t touched your (school) bag over the weekend and that binder peeking out from inside it contains everything you will ever need. I’ve learned that I need:

a binder to hold all of my stuff. Like all of my files for class, my class schedule, my course outline and flow chart. My binder right now is red and is a clear book. I find it easier to contain my things using this kind of binder holding my loose notes and pockets of clear book plastic to keep all per class things together.

binders!!! I love organizing my files ( I don’t know why) I have a red and a purple one but I’m only using the red one.

a small makeup kit. This is something that has evolved from something bulky to something that is currently simple and contains everything that I feel necessary for touch ups! I’ll be making another post what I use most often for my everyday makeup things. Yay!

This is the Serious Skin Care 11-piece mineral makeup kit. I just found this in a blog but you get the idea!

my iPod and  phone This is something that I never leave home without! My brother goes ballistic whenever I leave my phone at home.

Blackberry Storm


a small notebook for my notes like things that are necessary for my classes.

This is a Writersblok Bamboo Small Notebook the one that I’m using right now was a gift so I don’t really know where they got it.

a small envelope for all my loose papers like index cards, yellow pad, and fillers (real notebooks are too fat and too bulky to carry around for just one term.

I just get a generic one like from National Bookstore or something 🙂

my pencil case contains every single writing material that I have ever needed!

Trompe L’Oeil Pencil Case from urbanoutfitters.com

my wallet has my money(duh!), emergency or otherwise, and some hair pins because if I kept that small plastic in my bag they’ll just be everywhere but I won’t be able to find them when I actually need them.

this isn’t exactly my wallet but you get the idea. I like wallets like this, the long kinds that can’t crunch up your money. This is the Kimchi Ornate Turnlock Checkbook Wallet and you can also find this in urbanoutfitters.com!

Now for the more “difficult” part, what to wear. My go to outfit is my black skirt, my flats and a top that depends on my mood.

My go to outfit:

Classic black skirt something that I am just happy to put on

This is a Gabriella Rocha Hada Skirt (click here for the link)and the skirt that I have is actually similar to this one but it’s from Human. I got mine from the store and not the site. I don’t think they have online buying…

Flats with a really big campus there’s a lot of working to be done.

This is a Lower East Side Women’s Chelsea Flat from payless.com

Tops  an array of tops that I choose from are graphic t-shirts, plaid polos, plain t-shirts

This is a Truly Madly Deeply Vote Tee from urbanoutfitters.com

A plaid polo. I just got this from the net to give an example.

A simple tee. You can get it from anywhere so long as the material is good.

So here are some things that can get those manic Mondays down and calm…

Forever yours,
La Petite Princesse


Sunday Specials

It’s the end of Sunday here in the Philippines and the school week is gonna start again so I’d like to end the day with the items that made this Sunday special with the… Sunday Specials! WOOHOO!

1) French Toast: What is more enjoyable than French toast on a Sunday morning? NOTHING! A delectable indulgence that we should only have once a week! :))

2) The White Lace Dress: Lovely. Just lovely. I can’t say anything else.

3) Denim Shorts: Casual Sundays are best spent in these babies!

4) Family Dinners: A big family means lots of talk and lots of food. This is the one thing I love with having a big family!

5) Sunday Night Catch Up: Lounging in front of the television and catching up with your shows. I love this! This is one of my favorite things with Sunday. It’s ordinary but I find it special because this is the time that I have for myself and I’m actually writing this as I catch up with my shows. Sometimes I watch re-runs too! 🙂

6) Pajamas: If you don’t go out during Sundays or you decide to go to church (for some) on Saturdays instead, then Sundays are the perfect days to lounge around the house in your jammies! It’s not everyday that you can do that because we have to go to school (or work!) everyday of the week.

The models aren’t just gorgeous but the jammies are just wonderful! They are on my to-do-list in the ‘to buy’ column. As a student, I just depend on my allowance so I still have to wait for that and save from that before I can buy this. BUT I WILL BUY THIS! I PROMISE YOU VICTORIA’S SECRET!

Pajamas from victoriassecret.com 

7) Chocolate: I currently changed my eating routine so it’s only on Sundays that I can eat chocolate 🙂 Sundays are happy days for me. I am a self-confessed chocoholic. :”>

8) Big Time Rush’s Windows Down video: Loved it. Hot boys with a great track, what more can you ask for?

So tell me, what’s on your list by commenting below!

Love Always,


Delayed Updates

Hello there! In recent news—well, more like a delayed update—the Corona Trial is over and I am looking forward to what the president will be doing next. He’s in the United States now, I believe. I wonder what he’s eating. I hope it doesn’t start another restaurant fiasco. Anyways, with everything that’s happened, it really makes me wonder what he’ll be doing next. There are people who say that he already did something for the country while some say otherwise. Well, I’m on the “otherwise” column. It’s not that I’m hating on the president but rather, I would expect that he would be doing so much more than what he’s doing now. I learned from my classes from around 2-3 years ago is that, not all growth is development. If you look at it now, you can’t really say that the previous president had any developments but she did have growth. Currently, I am expecting development; development in the terms that the less fortunate can say that they feel it too. I know that they say it can’t be all them (politicians) so there should be something from the people too. The best, I think, that the people can do is follow simple rules like don’t cross when it’s the red light or use the foot bridge and not the road (There’s a barricade for the love of God! That means something!). Things like that. In my opinion discipline is necessary. I’m not saying Martial Law but have the balls to call people out no matter who they are!

Anyways, I always express my opinion, I think you should know that.

I’ll update as soon as I can.

Love Always,


Summer Rainfall and New Beginnings

Summer is ending and the hotties from the beach are coming home to the city. Unlucky for us city lovers that we’re so far away. Rainy season is coming and we still have so much to talk about. Now it’s time to play catch up.

First, the ever infuriating but always important to know issue of Chief Justice Renato Corona on trial is on going and people have been waging wars with each other. In the court room and in cyber space. Nothing gets the attention of a country like the Philippines like an impeachment case. Let’s just say, this isn’t the first and God knows it most certainly won’t be the last. With nearly 2 years in office we have yet to see what our president is truly going to do. So far it’s nothing big. I don’t want to bring family into this but I think we can safely say that his parents are turning over in their graves as they watch him lead a country. Though, I’m not saying that he’s awful altogether but he can  definitely do better. There is still room for improvement with 4 years left in office and it’s high time that he see it. Another issue is the ever-growing tension between China and the Philippines over land, specifically Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly Islands. This issue really needs some attention. It’s important to know these things because they affect us. Tensions between China ans the Philippines have grown evermore so much so that China has suspended all tours of the Philippines. That is heartbreaking seeing as China is has always been one of Philippines’ largest tourist markets.

Second, school is coming back up. Well at least those who use the trimester system– actually, even those with summer school, since that is ending– so expect a lot of shopping, books and clothes alike. As every year starts there are the freshmen. Scared as they trample on new grounds and there’s nothing worse than stepping in school in the completely wrong outfit. Let’s not try to be righteous we all know that we always dress to impress for the start of the school year. So freshmen, step in something that is fabulous and totally you.

That’s it for now.

Love Always,