There are moments in life that have stood out alot in a person’s memories. There are so much of it. Good and bad, alike. The likely chance that it is good, is less. See this is what I don’t understand. A bad thing happening to someone, embarrassing someone and not you is, well, not happening to you. So how is it that you have endured this “event” when you were not the one being shouted at. No? Oh! You must have been the one shouting. Wait. No? Really? Then who were you? Oh. A spectator. So how did it affect you? Embarrassed you? Why? So what then? It didn’t happen to you. You were not the one yelled at and you weren’t the one embarrassed by a peer in front of your peers. Clearly you were NOT the one the center of the entire moment. Nope. You’re not. Don’t try. Give up. You’re. NOT. Stop saying how much you’ve endured for that. What did you endure? Embarrassment? Who endured more, you, a spectator who happens to be of kin to the fellow being screamed at or the fellow himself. OBVIOUSLY, the fellow himself has endured more. So get off your high horse and realize that you were actually riding a donkey. EEEEYAAAHHH.


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