Sunday Specials

It’s the end of Sunday here in the Philippines and the school week is gonna start again so I’d like to end the day with the items that made this Sunday special with the… Sunday Specials! WOOHOO!

1) French Toast: What is more enjoyable than French toast on a Sunday morning? NOTHING! A delectable indulgence that we should only have once a week! :))

2) The White Lace Dress: Lovely. Just lovely. I can’t say anything else.

3) Denim Shorts: Casual Sundays are best spent in these babies!

4) Family Dinners: A big family means lots of talk and lots of food. This is the one thing I love with having a big family!

5) Sunday Night Catch Up: Lounging in front of the television and catching up with your shows. I love this! This is one of my favorite things with Sunday. It’s ordinary but I find it special because this is the time that I have for myself and I’m actually writing this as I catch up with my shows. Sometimes I watch re-runs too! 🙂

6) Pajamas: If you don’t go out during Sundays or you decide to go to church (for some) on Saturdays instead, then Sundays are the perfect days to lounge around the house in your jammies! It’s not everyday that you can do that because we have to go to school (or work!) everyday of the week.

The models aren’t just gorgeous but the jammies are just wonderful! They are on my to-do-list in the ‘to buy’ column. As a student, I just depend on my allowance so I still have to wait for that and save from that before I can buy this. BUT I WILL BUY THIS! I PROMISE YOU VICTORIA’S SECRET!

Pajamas from 

7) Chocolate: I currently changed my eating routine so it’s only on Sundays that I can eat chocolate 🙂 Sundays are happy days for me. I am a self-confessed chocoholic. :”>

8) Big Time Rush’s Windows Down video: Loved it. Hot boys with a great track, what more can you ask for?

So tell me, what’s on your list by commenting below!

Love Always,


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