Manic Mondays

So it’s the start of the week and something that really stresses us out all the time is what to wear and what to bring. It’s Monday and usually, you were up really late ’cause it still felt like the weekend and you slept late because you were cramming a paper or homework that you put off ’til yesterday. Anyway you wanna put it, at one point or another you have been stressed out because it was the start of the week and you weren’t prepared.

When it comes to what to bring (let’s tackle the easiest topic first) it’s best to always have the bag prepared. Chances are, you haven’t touched your (school) bag over the weekend and that binder peeking out from inside it contains everything you will ever need. I’ve learned that I need:

a binder to hold all of my stuff. Like all of my files for class, my class schedule, my course outline and flow chart. My binder right now is red and is a clear book. I find it easier to contain my things using this kind of binder holding my loose notes and pockets of clear book plastic to keep all per class things together.

binders!!! I love organizing my files ( I don’t know why) I have a red and a purple one but I’m only using the red one.

a small makeup kit. This is something that has evolved from something bulky to something that is currently simple and contains everything that I feel necessary for touch ups! I’ll be making another post what I use most often for my everyday makeup things. Yay!

This is the Serious Skin Care 11-piece mineral makeup kit. I just found this in a blog but you get the idea!

my iPod and  phone This is something that I never leave home without! My brother goes ballistic whenever I leave my phone at home.

Blackberry Storm


a small notebook for my notes like things that are necessary for my classes.

This is a Writersblok Bamboo Small Notebook the one that I’m using right now was a gift so I don’t really know where they got it.

a small envelope for all my loose papers like index cards, yellow pad, and fillers (real notebooks are too fat and too bulky to carry around for just one term.

I just get a generic one like from National Bookstore or something 🙂

my pencil case contains every single writing material that I have ever needed!

Trompe L’Oeil Pencil Case from

my wallet has my money(duh!), emergency or otherwise, and some hair pins because if I kept that small plastic in my bag they’ll just be everywhere but I won’t be able to find them when I actually need them.

this isn’t exactly my wallet but you get the idea. I like wallets like this, the long kinds that can’t crunch up your money. This is the Kimchi Ornate Turnlock Checkbook Wallet and you can also find this in!

Now for the more “difficult” part, what to wear. My go to outfit is my black skirt, my flats and a top that depends on my mood.

My go to outfit:

Classic black skirt something that I am just happy to put on

This is a Gabriella Rocha Hada Skirt (click here for the link)and the skirt that I have is actually similar to this one but it’s from Human. I got mine from the store and not the site. I don’t think they have online buying…

Flats with a really big campus there’s a lot of working to be done.

This is a Lower East Side Women’s Chelsea Flat from

Tops  an array of tops that I choose from are graphic t-shirts, plaid polos, plain t-shirts

This is a Truly Madly Deeply Vote Tee from

A plaid polo. I just got this from the net to give an example.

A simple tee. You can get it from anywhere so long as the material is good.

So here are some things that can get those manic Mondays down and calm…

Forever yours,
La Petite Princesse


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