Delayed Updates

Hello there! In recent news—well, more like a delayed update—the Corona Trial is over and I am looking forward to what the president will be doing next. He’s in the United States now, I believe. I wonder what he’s eating. I hope it doesn’t start another restaurant fiasco. Anyways, with everything that’s happened, it really makes me wonder what he’ll be doing next. There are people who say that he already did something for the country while some say otherwise. Well, I’m on the “otherwise” column. It’s not that I’m hating on the president but rather, I would expect that he would be doing so much more than what he’s doing now. I learned from my classes from around 2-3 years ago is that, not all growth is development. If you look at it now, you can’t really say that the previous president had any developments but she did have growth. Currently, I am expecting development; development in the terms that the less fortunate can say that they feel it too. I know that they say it can’t be all them (politicians) so there should be something from the people too. The best, I think, that the people can do is follow simple rules like don’t cross when it’s the red light or use the foot bridge and not the road (There’s a barricade for the love of God! That means something!). Things like that. In my opinion discipline is necessary. I’m not saying Martial Law but have the balls to call people out no matter who they are!

Anyways, I always express my opinion, I think you should know that.

I’ll update as soon as I can.

Love Always,


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