Summer Rainfall and New Beginnings

Summer is ending and the hotties from the beach are coming home to the city. Unlucky for us city lovers that we’re so far away. Rainy season is coming and we still have so much to talk about. Now it’s time to play catch up.

First, the ever infuriating but always important to know issue of Chief Justice Renato Corona on trial is on going and people have been waging wars with each other. In the court room and in cyber space. Nothing gets the attention of a country like the Philippines like an impeachment case. Let’s just say, this isn’t the first and God knows it most certainly won’t be the last. With nearly 2 years in office we have yet to see what our president is truly going to do. So far it’s nothing big. I don’t want to bring family into this but I think we can safely say that his parents are turning over in their graves as they watch him lead a country. Though, I’m not saying that he’s awful altogether but he can  definitely do better. There is still room for improvement with 4 years left in office and it’s high time that he see it. Another issue is the ever-growing tension between China and the Philippines over land, specifically Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly Islands. This issue really needs some attention. It’s important to know these things because they affect us. Tensions between China ans the Philippines have grown evermore so much so that China has suspended all tours of the Philippines. That is heartbreaking seeing as China is has always been one of Philippines’ largest tourist markets.

Second, school is coming back up. Well at least those who use the trimester system– actually, even those with summer school, since that is ending– so expect a lot of shopping, books and clothes alike. As every year starts there are the freshmen. Scared as they trample on new grounds and there’s nothing worse than stepping in school in the completely wrong outfit. Let’s not try to be righteous we all know that we always dress to impress for the start of the school year. So freshmen, step in something that is fabulous and totally you.

That’s it for now.

Love Always,


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